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Xyron is a very successful example of serving a particular part of the laminator market. Quoting from a press release: "For the creative home user, Xyron develops and sells disruptive, gamechanging products into craft, hobby and stationery departments of specialty and mass retailers worldwide. These products include awardwinning adhesive tools, allinclusive scrapbooking collections, unique handheld dispensers, and patented coldlamination products that require no heat, batteries or electricity". One suspects that English was not the first language of the writer of this bit: "disruptive" is not a very encouraging adjective!

Xyron is a newcomer to the business. It's a Scottsdale, Arizona company, founded in 1996. It sells the products implied in the above press release: these include sticker and label makers (the literature also claims magnet makers), PC-controlled cutting tools, and laminators - all that the hobbyist or school crafts class needs. These laminators are all small, cold-roll units, inexpensive and easy to use. Also available are "Pro" systems: 25" and 44" models, also cold-roll units.

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Laminator models:

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There are also several sticker makers which are intended specifically for small stickers: 1 1/2" to 5".

The company was bought by Esselte in 2003. Esselte was founded in 1913 by the amalgamation of thirteen Swedish companies, under the name SLT. The company grew through acquisitions and its core activities soon included everything from book binding and paper manufacturing, to the printing of stationery, playing cards, maps, forms and securities (including share certificates and bonds). In the 1960's, rationalization of all these activities took place: units with similar products were combined and incompatible operations were sold. Included were commercial real estate, publishing, book retailing and printing operations which were sold in 1990. The company name was changed to Esselte in 1970. In 1992 the company was split into Esselte and Scribona (a PC distribution company). In 2002 the company was bought out by the Bostonbased private equity firm, J.W. Childs, and so went private. The company, under its new name, continues to acquire other businesses.

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