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Seal laminators — an appropriate name — are sold by the Neschen Co. Neschen traces its roots all the way back to 1889, when a German pharmacist named Konig started manufacturing caoutchouc plasters. ("Caoutchouc" is a five-dollar word for "rubber"). "The" Neschen was a man named Hans who joined the company in 1948; by 1959 he had taken over and renamed the company after himself. The first "fully automatic coating machine" was put into service in 1960. By 1989 branches were opened in England, Hungary, and the USA. Since then the company has set up branches in several more countries and has taken over companies and sold parts of its business to competitors: it remains a going concern following reorganizations in 2005/6. Notable in the company's history is its takeover of the Buckeburg Conservation Procedure from the Lower Saxony State Archives and its establishment of the Archivcentre AG. The Seal brand name was acquired in 2001.

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Seal Graphics has been in business for over 30 years. HQ is in Elkridge, MD, and there are additional manufacturing and sales offices elsewhere in the US, and in Canada, and the UK. Seal laminators are for the high-end, wide-format market.

Although of course much fuller information is available from the company, the following summary will indicate the range of the machines available.

Proseal 44: a pouch laminator: maximum width 44". max speed 1' per minute.

Image 600MD: maximum width 61': maximum nip 1 1/2". This is a bi- directional machine.

Ultra Plus 44 (and 62): maximum width 44" (61"); maximum speed 5' per minute (both); adjustable nip to 1/2" (both).

Base 54 (62): maximum width 55/1" (61"); speed 16.4' per minute (both); maximum substrate thickness 2" (both). Pressure sensitive with heat assistance.

Image 62: maximum width 62", maximum speed 6' per minute. Features 3 temperature settings.

Pro 62: maximum width 61"; maximum speed 20' per minute; maximum nip 1 1/2". Dual heat, single heat, or cold operation.

Pro 80: maximum width 80"; maximum speed 20' per minute; maximum substrate thickness 1 1/2". For oversized drawings.

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