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Apart from the machines and supplies, there is a host of gadgets, add-ons, and pieces of furniture to make the job easier and to extend the capabilities of the machines. Following is a selection of these.

Workstations: tables with bins to catch the laminated output, shelves or racks to hold supplies for use, and drawers to hold personal items. They may be stationary or mobile; in the latter case they will probably run on castors, which should have locking clips.

Carts or Cabinets: not really workstations, although in a pinch they could suffice: usually the laminator is placed on the top and can be operated there. Smaller models consist of a box for supplies, etc., with locking doors; bigger ones can also hold a small laminator. All have castors for mobility. Some have electrical outlets.

There are both generic workstations and carts for the various laminator makes as well as specific ones.

Stands: portable skeletal structures to place the laminator on; no storage facilities.

Cleaning rollers: used to remove surface particles from laminated items. Used in conjunction with cleaning pads.

Core adaptors: laminators use rolls with cores of specific diameters and shapes (round or D-profile, for instance). Adaptors to allow use of larger sizes — although not MUCH bigger — are available in some cases.

Trimmers: to remove excess film. An ordinary paper cutter may suffice, but there are alternatives: rotary blade trimmers — a circular blade which runs along a slot to provide a perfectly straight cut (some of these are self-sharpening) for ordinary-size pieces; and stand-up models which can handle 60" laminations of up to 2mm film.

Corner rounders: inexpensive hand-held devices to round the corners of laminates.

See also Roll Laminator

It's a matter of semantics whether badge straps, lanyards, luggage loops, leather straps, and pressure-sensitive clips and pins are actually accessories, but as many of the manufacturers list them as such we mention them here for your convenience.

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