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You have options when it comes to laminating your materials at home, but the options vary depending on what you'll need.

If you only need to laminate a few things once a year for an occasional project, you're obviously not going to run out and buy an industrial laminator. Sure, it'll do the job, but then you'll just stare at the thing and wonder why you wasted the money.

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So, think about some less expensive options. For instance, for truly small projects, like laminating one or two items, you can buy laminating sheets that don't require a machine. You simply peel the clear, sticky sheet off its backing and apply your document to it. Repeat for the back side, then trim the edges if necessary. The downside to this method is that it involves no heat, and relies entirely on your ability to get a tight fit and avoid air bubbles. If you're not confident, or if this is something rather important, you'll want to consider another option.

There are also compact laminators you can purchase, some of which are even considered portable. These range in price from around $30 to into the hundreds of dollars. some offer a cold seal, while others involve heat. Your best bet is to do your research and see which option works for your needs.

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