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   Card Laminator

    For laminating badges and ID cards

Any laminator can be used to laminate badges. But using those that aren't specifically designed for the purpose is wasteful of material, since the laminating width is 8 1/2" or larger. A 4" pouch laminator is sufficient for most applications, including credit cards. There are hot and cold laminators available; some of the hot laminators have a cold setting which is used on very valuable items, such as photos. Some models are portable. Widths range up to 18" at the top of the line, but of course these machines are very expensive.

Associated with these systems are the printers that create the actual cards or badges. Again, most ordinary printers could be used but sometimes there are special need which require special machines: magnetic stripes are an example.

(There are printer/laminators which will produce 1-sided laminated cards: these are described in a separate article).

That's enough on the basic information: obviously there are lots of possibilities. For the new user of these things, there are a host of associated items available. Such as:

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And although not specifically accessories, the badge printers - hardware and software - can be considered as such since they may be an essential part of the process.

Finally, starter kits can be bought. These are generally for the low-end machines and include the machine itself, a small quantity of supplies, and a few accessories such as lanyards.

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